About Us

Hello LOSTies... and friends of LOST Swimming!


We are really glad you found us and hope you are able to join us for a swim... or at least sport a nice piece of LOST clothing or other merchandise to show your support for LOST Swimming!


We've put this LOST Store together to make it easy for you to:

1) Register for LOST Swimming, The LOST Race and any other events we'll be putting on too!

2) Buy some great LOST clothes and swimming gear!

We made the site about as simple as we could.  You just click on what you want to buy and go to the check-out and buy it with your credit card.  


Batch Ordering:  Like most things LOST, we try to keep things simple and cheap.  So to keep production costs and shipping costs low some items will be ordered in batches... for example, we will take orders for LOST t-shirts until a certain date (it will be noted on the item, if there is no date, then your order will be fill right away), you can order it anytime, but the order won't be filled until that date, so we can get a better price for you!


Shipping: you can do it one of 2 ways.  

a) pick it up at the LOST Beach - this just saves you individual shipping costs, but we aren't going to be hunting people down or making special arrangements... too messy, you understand right!)

b) have it shipped directly to you - good for our international LOST Fans and out-of-towners... a bit more expensive, but not outrageous... and it's worth it to be wearing some cool LOST gear!)


So feel free to browse through our LOST Store, no annoying salespeople to bother you, just help yourself!  Hope you are able to join us for a swim!  See you at the Pier!


Check out LOSTswimming.com for more LOST information.



Rob & Miguel